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Financial Planning

Onboarding Process

Follow the steps below

Step 01 Scope of Plan Form

Enter the Client's Name and Contact Info. Then select the financial planning services you'll be building the plan around. You can then select from either a Flat Fee or Hourly Fee Rate and add the price. When completed hit the submit button to be taken to Step 02

Step 02 - Financial Planning Agreement Form

You can use this link to generate a blank Financial Planning Agreement. You can also input the client, plan services, and fee schedule and click Print Preview to generate a PDF of the FP Agreement. If the client is present you can both electronically sign and submit.

Step 03 - Client Profile & Background Form

Step 04 - Data Gathering Worksheet

Step 05 - Cash Flow Worksheet Worksheet

Step 06 - Financial Goals Worksheet

Personal Planning Portal 

Click the link above to set up your financial planning portal. If you need help please follow the instructions in this PDF.

Financial Planning Fees Schedule